‘The Shot’ Reveals New Branding for New Season

The Shot producers had a bit of a surprise for us today: as preparations for the next season begin to ramp up, a brand new logo was revealed to emphasize the significant changes that are being made to refresh the show.¬†Gone is the “o star” that has been a staple of the brand since Season 3, which has been replaced by a vinyl record.

“We feel like the new look, the new feel and the vinyl record itself really encapsulates the direction that we’re taking for next season,” producers said in a release, “and we’re steering away from the covers, the ‘karaoke feel’ and we’re going after real artists, real original music and with that in mind, it was time to retire the star from the logo.”

The producers have already announced that this next season will simulate what its like to audition for a record label, management or agency. It sure seems like the new branding certainly puts that re-vamped concept front and centre.

Round 2 of demo video submissions is open now and will close June 30.


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