Season 8 Set to Explore the Nuances of the Music Biz

Producers for the eighth season of The Shot have teased significant changes to the platform’s primary premise as it returns for its next iteration later this year.

It has already been announced that the new format will focus entirely on original music and the decision to increase the minimum age requirement from 16 to 18. Little by little, the producers are making more details known as they start looking through the demo video submissions in search of the next big Canadian talent. Demo video submissions opened January 1st and the first round of submissions will close March 31st.

Now, the powers that be have put out another tid-bit about the next season, “The Shot has always been about the artists and we’ve always been working toward filling the enormous void that exists for talent to have the opportunity to showcase their voice but also their songwriting. We want to create a real experience that has value to the music creators that deserve to be seen and to be heard. With that as our driving inspiration, our next season will simulate what it would be like for an artist to walk into a label or a management agency to audition for their shot. Gone are the big stage auditions; those who are asked to come in to audition for the judges will get to feel what it’s like to pitch yourself and your music to the big dogs.”

Season 8 of The Shot will also see more industry insiders and influencers become part of the process alongside the yet-to-be-announced panel of judges.

“We’re pulling out all the stops to get these artists in front of people that could really impact their career in music. We’re reaching out to our vast network of professionals in the business and they will play a big part in how the season unfolds. This next season isn’t going to be like anything we’ve ever done before and really nothing like anyone has ever done; this is going allow the artists to experience what it feels like to work their way through the process of being signed by a label, by management or by an agent. We’re really excited for what’s to come!”

In other words, this ain’t your granny’s American IdolX-Factor or The Launch (which ended its run in Canada after its second season last year). This will be the first time that an artist competition has given artists an insider’s look at how the signing process works.

Demo video submissions are open now here. Artists selected from the demo video submission process will meet the judges later this year.

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