FACTOR Profile Reviews

February 28, 2020
12:00 am
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FACTOR Profile Reviews



When you first create an artist profile, you will receive an artist rating of General Artist once you’ve submitted your Mandatory Information and requested review. You won’t need to do anything to maintain your General Artist rating as long as your artist profile is current and active.

You can choose to submit Additional Information once you have an artist rating.

FACTOR reviews all profiles with Additional Information twice annually, after the annual review deadline in February and the semi-annual review deadline in August (by request only). As a result of these profile reviews, your artist rating may:

  • stay the same (e.g. Artist 2 remains Artist 2, etc.);
  • increase (General Artist can become Artist 2 or Artist 3; Artist 2 can become Artist 3); or
  • only at the Annual Review in February can it decrease (Artist 3 can become General Artist or Artist 2; Artist 2 can become General Artist). Your artist rating cannot decrease at the Semi-Annual Review.

Remember: if your artist profile only has Mandatory Information, no action is required at profile review deadlines to keep your General Artist rating.

To learn more about Additional Information and artist ratings, visit our Profiles & Ratings for Artists page.


If you are applying to FACTOR as an artist, you do not need to take any action on your applicant profile once your profile is Approved.

Music companies who are creating applicant profiles for the first time should complete as much of the profile as you can and submit it for review. New applicant profiles can receive a company rating of Approved, 2 or 3.

After the annual profile review deadline in February, all music companies rated 2 or higher will be reviewed. You should make sure that you have updated your company profile with the required information before this deadline if you wish to maintain your existing company rating.  If you have not updated your company profile with the required information, your company rating may decrease as a result of this review. Consequently, you may lose eligibility to apply to some programs.

If you wish to qualify for the Comprehensive Music Company program, the only time to do so each year is after the annual review deadline.

After the semi-annual profile review deadline in August, only companies who have submitted new information and requested review will be assessed. Any company that wishes to achieve a higher company rating should submit the required materials for review before this deadline.

For more information, visit our Profiles & Ratings for Music Companies page.


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