‘The Shot’ Announces Its First Virtual Season

Like many other concerts, festivals and other in-person activities have done amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and following the lead of Canadian-based events like Canadian Music Week, The Shot: Remastered producers have announced today that its upcoming eighth season and first season of its new format will be hosted virtually.

“We held out hope for as long as we could that we would be able to bring our artists together for this season,” said executive producer C.J. Allen, “but with the concerns that still exist with the ongoing health crisis, we believe that the health and safety of the artists, our staff and crew and our audience is at the front of mind and as a result, we’re hopeful and excited to translate the process of The Shot: Remastered into a fantastic virtual experience.”

The Shot: Remastered has already filmed the first ten episodes of its new season virtually using Zoom and successfully highlighted demo video submissions from artists from across Canada performing their original music.

“There are amazing things that we can do virtually,” Allen said, “and I think everyone out there has become very comfortable over the past months watching and consuming music and content on their computers, phones and televisions in a more heightened form then pre-pandemic; in fact, we believe that this approach will actually open the show to a broader audience for The Shot: Remastered and the artists.”

Allen also confirmed that the audience will have a much larger role in this season than in the past and will continue to be the body that will ultimately select the winner of the season via secured, guarded online voting.

“We had an issue with online voting earlier this season but are putting practices in place to secure the voting for the winner. We had intended to allow for free voting this season but that won’t be the case,” Allen explained, “the notion of paid voting being equating to a popularity is a total misconception. Artists rally their supporters when they release an album and this, to me, is no different.”

Reality-TV singing competitions like American IdolX-Factor and The Voice have used audience voting to determine the winner each season and have had the public pay to vote. In addition to the audience vote, the judges will also play a part in narrowing down to the top acts in order to further invalidate any claims of a popularity contest.

In previous seasons, audiences have paid $1 CAD to vote for the winner while the votes of the live audience at the final show have been weighted heavier to ensure that balance.

As The Shot: Remastered moves into its second phase, 100 artists are now vying for 40 spots available to meet with the judges in a record label meeting with the announcement about which 40 artists will be participating in those meetings coming at the end of July.

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