Full Season 7 Episodes Coming in 2020

Season 7 to Stream in Early 2020

Worry not, Season 7 is coming to an online streaming service near you very soon!

Plans are underway to release the full season — from auditions to finale — in early 2020 and leading up to filming of Season 8 next fall. Season 7 will be available on Youtube, Vimeo and iTunes in hour-long episodic entries that chronicle the journeys and stories of artists and that showcases their original music.

Regarding the release of Season 7, The Shot producers said:

“Though the outcome of Season 7 is already known publicly, there is a story there about all of the artists that participated, the songs they sang and their growth as recording artists. We’re excited, for the first time, to put out episodes that are a reflection of those stories.”

Producers will also release clips from each of the episodes and specific performances from the auditions on The Shot‘s Facebook page.

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