Demo video submissions for Season 8 of The Shot open today at 5pm EST! Think of your demo video as something you would be sending to a record label, management company or a label.

So what should include in your demo video and what are the producers looking for when they consider whether or not to invite you to appear in front of the judges?

First and foremost, personality! You might be a solid performer and songwriter but if you’re personality, charisma and passion don’t show through, it’s going to be hard for the producers to get a good sense of who you are beyond just your powerful voice and songwriting. Show us your life! Take us on a tour of your house! Dress up as if you were going on stage in front of a couple hundred people. Give careful consideration to how you want to present yourself. Think of your demo video as being a job interview. The producers want to get a sense of you and your brand.

Introduce yourself at the start of your video. Make sure you include an introduction before you get into singing: say your name, age, where you’re from, talk about your music experience, and tell the producers a little bit about yourself. Your introduction doesn’t need to be more than a minute or two but this also shows that you’ve taken the time to make a video that is specific to The Shot. You might think that you can just submit a music video or something you previously recorded but doing so won’t tell the producers anything about you! If you’re not good at talking on the fly, write something out before you start filming.

Don’t worry about getting something professionally made! You can film your demo video on your phone! Just make sure you are front and center and you can be heard clearly. You don’t need to submit anything fancy. You don’t need to spend money on getting something professionally recorded or produced.

Pick a song that you’re proud of to perform in your demo video. We want to hear your original music. We encourage you not to submit a demo video of a cover. Sing and play us something that is uniquely you. The song doesn’t need to be a finished work with a title or something that you have taken into the studio and recorded. The producers are looking for singer-songwriters. Give the producers your best!

Break Down for How to Film Your Demo Video:

  1. Start with an introduction as outlined above.
  2. Introduce your song, say a bit about it.
  3. Sing your song.
  4. Close out your video with why you think you should be chosen to be part of The Shot Season 8.

Good luck and we can’t wait to hear you!

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