2nd Round of Demo Videos? Judge Announcement?

Man, the Producers have been so hush-hush about any details regarding the next season of The Shot which is scheduled to begin filming in Toronto this Fall!

The production team has said though that despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,  that they are monitoring the situation as it continues to develop but that they have no plans, at this time, to alter the 2020 production schedule.

This past Tuesday (March 31) marked the end of the first round of demo video submissions and in the first of what are expected to be many deviations from previous seasons, the judges and production team have said that they will evaluate submissions on a “round by round” basis and that they “have a number in mind for the number of artists they are looking for”; this new process seems to indicate that if the judges find the artists they’re looking for in the first round, that the opportunity to submit will be closed for the season. If not, another round will be announced.

It looks as though, that the judges (the panel seems to include returning judges Jessie T, Shane Christopher Neal, Jennifer Beavis and C.J. Allen) have already begun having virtual conversations from their homes, in self-isolation. Though no official announcement has been made about the judging panel for the next season, Jessie T did announce during a Facebook Live performance that she will be returning. Insiders have suggested that they do expect Neal, Beavis and Allen to return alongside two new, yet to be announced, judges. This would be the first time that the panel might consist of six industry professionals. The panel was increased to five seats back in the show’s fifth iteration when Rick Barker, former manager to Taylor Swift, joined for the season.

Major changes have already been announced for the upcoming season. Most notably, the season will be entirely dedicated to original music and will be a simulated audition for a record label. Each judge is expected to represent the major departments with a label: artist & repertoire, radio promotion, sales, artist development, business development and publicity. The official process for the next season has yet to be announced.

An announcement about a potential second round of demo video submissions is expected at any time via The Shot’s Instagram and Facebook pages respectively.



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