Submit Your Demo Video

Complete the form below to submit your demo video for Season 8 of The Shot. Once the form is completed, you will be taken to the field to process your submission fee of $23. You must complete the submission fee process in order to for your demo video to be considered for an in-person audition. Please have a credit card ready in order to complete the process.

The video below provides a demonstration of how the submission process should work for you. Please watch before submitting.


Please do not attempt to submit your video on a mobile or tablet device. For security reasons and for the protection of your credit card information, this submission form has only been design for PC submissions. Please submit using a PC.

You have completed the information required for your demo video submission. You may now go straight to clicking the submit button below. Once clicked, the submission fee payment field should appear. You do not need to do anything with the "Demo Video Submission Fee" field below. If you require any technical assistance, please contact register@singfortheshot.com.