Patrick James Clark wins Season 2 of ‘The Shot: Canada’

Country singer-songwriter and recording artist Patrick James Clark became the winner of The Shot: Canada this past Saturday, October 2 — besting Scarborough’s Jonny Starkes who came in second following the ranking by the resident judges. Following their performances, fourth and third place were taken by Cambree Lovesy and Stephanie Hadden respectively.

Post-win, Patrick will be signed to Omen Media Group and will have the opportunity to work with touring agency Degy Entertainment and will perform at Canadian Music Week in 2022.

“We heard some phenomenal talent this season. Perhaps the best we have ever seen and heard,” said Allen, “Patrick is a great songwriter and performer and I’m excited to start working with him in the next couple of weeks.”

Casting for next season of The Shot is open now at The entire second season can be streamed now on Youtube.

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