BREAKING: New Resident Judges Joining Next Season of ‘The Shot’

There’s some exciting news coming out about the upcoming season of The Shot. Producers have confirmed that the new panel will be the biggest the series has ever had and will include a diversity of backgrounds from the various corners of the music industry. Along with the new faces, some familiar personalities will also be returning including BMG publishing rep and The Shot executive producer Jennifer Beavis, artist development expert Kate Davies and artist manager and The Shot executive producer C.J. Allen. Sam Cook will also return as host of the new season.

“One of the things artists have appreciated the most about The Shot is the range of feedback and perspectives they receive on their music,” said Allen, “and with a big twist coming straight away at the beginning of this new season, having all of these fantastic, knowledgeable and supportive resident judges on board to be available to our artists will be an amazing opportunity for the talent.”

In its last season, guest judges joined each episode to weigh in on their favourite and least favourite songs from each task. The group or artist with the least favourite song would have one member or would be eliminated. Guest judges have been axed for the new season in favour of a broader base of resident judges. Each resident judge will appear in two or more episodes. The number of resident judges could also mean less screen time for Allen who has appeared in every episode since the reboot of The Shot in 2020.

Of the new judges, only two have never appeared in an episode in seasons past: vocal coach and songwriter Teresa Nocita and Lebanese recording artist Nadina Zarifeh. Nocita, however, is no stranger to The Shot having served as creative director and vocal coach prior to the reboot.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be a judge on The Shot!”, said Zarifeh, “I can’t wait to see and hear the amazing talent and to be part of these amazing artists’ journeys!”

Who Are The Other New Resident Judges?

Ari Nisman – Booking agent and President of Degy Entertainment
Jessica Megan Rivera – Social media influencer and personality
Josh Simons – Songwriter, producer and CEO of VAMPR
Kaye Parker – Singer and social media influencer and personality
Ari Berger – Artist manager and A&R executive at Dark Horse Management

Nisman, Rivera, Simons, Parker and Berger have all appeared in previous seasons as guest judges. Nisman will also serve as an executive producer.

The producers are keeping their cards close to their chest about the new twists that promise to “shake things up” for the new artists competing in the new season.

“We had a lot of fun last season,” said Allen, “there were little twists and turns thrown in that really make The Shot unique. This new season is going to have more of that and some of what’s coming for the artists are going to be really big surprises that will change the nature of the competition.”

Production on the new season will begin in March and will be streamed on YouTube this summer.

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