Where Are They Now? Season 5’s David Boyd Janes

David Boyd Janes is on a mission: to bring country music to Toronto.  As City Boy Country, David’s energy and enthusiasm for his music was evident the moment he walked into the audition room and carried him into the finals of Season 5.  Having just returned from recording in Nashville, we asked David about his experience with The Shot and what’s next for this passionate performer:

What was your favourite part of The Shot?  What did you take from doing it?  How did The Shot help you grow as an artist?

“This one is almost impossible to answer as I have so many favourites!  I will try to keep this reasonably short.  I love how personal the whole experience was!  From the first day of auditions, the judges offered a meet and greet at the end of the day!  Season 2 champion James Downham even showed up to greet us. As an aspiring country artist, I was so thrilled to meet him. The show really helped reignite my passion for music and encouraged me to get back out there and pursue my dreams and passion.”

How was The Shot different from any of your other experiences with performing or doing other competitions?

“I really appreciate that The Shot legitimately gives everyone a Shot!  Regardless of age, style, or genre of music, everyone got their ‘Shot’. I personally connected with the whole cast and crew.  It felt more like “artist development” then a competition to be honest. It wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about learning and growing!  Best group of people.”

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about auditioning for Season 6?

“This is simple.  DO IT!  Do it now!  The Shot changed my life and launched my music career into outer space!  No one is going to do the work for you. YOU need to put the time and effort into it. The Shot is a platform to help launch your career and get you the exposure needed to get the ball rolling.  The Shot was EXACTLY what I needed. It gave me the chance to get back out on that stage, find my purpose, my passion and reignite my drive to make music my full time job!  The entire crew, behind and in front of the cameras, was incredibly supportive and became more like
family as we got closer to the top 10 finale.”

What have you been doing since The Shot?

“So much!  I haven’t stopped since I left the stage.  During my intro video I said “I would walk away from everything I had today to start making music my full time job”  I did exactly that!  Funny enough, my first song in the top 10 finale was “Walking in Memphis” by Lonestar.  Now, I’m just days away from Walking in Memphis for real!  C.J. Allen (Judge) and Rick Barker (Founder of Music Industry Blueprint, formerly manager of Taylor Swift), gave me the best advice!  “Hire a band and treat this like a business”.  That’s exact what I did!  After a meeting with C.J. a few days after the finale, I went home and began my search.

3 months later I’m so proud to say I’ve put together and hired a 7 piece county band.  I’ve written 15+ original songs, and 7 of them are being recorded down in Nashville at Blackbird Studio early February.  Our single will be released to radio early April and we have our eyes locked on doing a showcase at this years CMW (Canadian Music Week) held in Toronto.”

Where can people find you or hear your music online?

Our Instagram is updated daily and can be found at: @cityboycountryband
Our website is: www.cityboycountry.com
Our Twitter is: @1cityboycountry