Where Are They Now? Season 4’s Trevor Dubois

Trevor Dubois, who goes by the stage moniker of ‘Charlie The Kid’, got one of the big, loudest and most well-deserved standing ovations from the judges and his fellow contestants at the Season 4 Callbacks back in November 2016.  To look at him, you’d think Charlie was just another hipster with a guitar but that isn’t the case at all.  His original song … ‘Song About a Cup’ got laughs, “awes” and received wide praise from the panel.

The performance earned Charlie a spot in the Finale and notoriety as one the most talented, charming and engaging contestants that The Shot has had in its previous five seasons.  Here’s what Charlie has to say about his experience and where he is now:


What was your favourite part of The Shot?  What did you take from doing it?  How did The Shot help you grow as an artist?

“Favorite part of The Shot for me was getting to mingle/learn from/and interact with the other contestants, volunteers and mentors.  As a musician there are so many ways to go about what you’re doing and everyone has their own style and ideas. Learning from everyone was great, and the mentors really helped to shed light on what I was doing wrong, and what I was doing right.  Get some perspective.  I love perspective.”


How was The Shot different from any of your other experiences with performing or doing other competitions?

“[The] two things that stood out to me were that the judges/mentors seemed to genuinely care about us as singers, performers, people, and even friends.  They worked with me after hours during The Shot, and I have continued to get help from them from time to time.  [The second thing] was the attitude of all the contestants: everyone seemed to want everyone else to succeed. No BS, we were all happy for each other’s success, giving each other tips, wanting the best for everyone. Really didn’t feel like a ‘competition’ at most points. I have made many friends in this experience.”


What advice would you give someone who is thinking about auditioning for Season 6?

“Be yourself, take risks, be kind to everyone you meet, and work harder than everyone you know.”


What have you been doing since The Shot?

“I used to bus tables.  Then I made it onto The Shot.  Now I’m playing music for a living.  Coincidence?”


Where can people find you or hear your music online?

“I am performing under the name Charlie the Kid, so online at charliethekid.com, or live at one of many performances happening around the GTA and Ontario, which can be found on the website!”