Eye4Talent: Application Tips

Here are some tips for your submission to be part of Season 1 of Eye4Talent:

  1. Your set-up doesn’t need to be fancy.  You don’t need to submit a professionally filmed and edited video.  In fact, the best things can happen by filming with just your best friend and your phone.  Don’t stress about having a high-quality video, we won’t be taking your video quality or editing skills into consideration.  Keep it simple!
  2. Start your video with a brief introduction with your name, age, where you’re from and what you do professionally.  If there is more than one person in your act, please only provide your act’s stage name.  Give brief explanation of your act and jump into it!
  3. Don’t necessarily use your best stuff!  That might seem counter-intuitive but remember, your video audition is just to get you to the Stage Auditions and that’s where you’ll really like to shine.  If you use your best material in your video audition, your Stage Audition better be phenomenal!  Do enough to get you to the next round.
  4. If you’re adding in or using footage that has been prerecorded from an event or show that you have done, please make sure the footage is clear and if you are speaking, that the sound is audible.
  5. Be original!  To make it into the Stage Auditions with the judges, we want to see and know what makes you different from every other act out there.  Unlike competitions focused on one core talent (ie. singing), you’re competing against a wide variety of talents and so you need to stand out.
  6. Along the same lines, don’t be boring!  Even though it’s a video audition, we still want to feel engaged and as if we’re there seeing or hearing what you’re doing in person.  We love to feel like we’ve been part of the excitement so make your video creative and think outside the box.
  7. Dress like you would on stage.  If you have a particular outfit or costume you wear for your act, wear it in your video!  If you don’t have a particular outfit or costume, dress like you would if you were going to a job interview or in such a way that helps us understand who you are and what your brand is.
  8. Have fun!  If you’re having fun, we’ll feel that and have fun too!  That’s ultimately what Eye4Talent is all about: emotion, awesome talent and having fun!

Video auditions are open now.  Don’t wait, apply today!