Could a ‘Junior’ edition of ‘The Shot’ be coming in 2019?

The Internet and The Shot fans are abuzz after executive producer C.J. Allen teased the possibility of a junior edition of the popular singing competition via Twitter. Allen posted a logo that could possibly suggest that a new format, one that would invite younger singers to participate could be in the works.

“So this could maybe be a thing.  Perhaps in 2019?  Hmm,” Allen tweeted.

Previously Allen has hinted at the possibility of doing a mini-season of The Shot that would be open to aspiring young talent with the age limit being 7-15 years old.  The parent competition and original version of the show is currently only open to singers age 16 and over and is currently accepting applications for its sixth iteration this fall.

With The Shot Season 6 coming in September, it’s unlikely that ‘The Shot: Junior’ will happen in 2018 but instead could launch sometime in 2019 — though the series has been known to run seasons in quick succession.  Seasons 1 and 2 of The Shot took place just three months apart.

You just never know what C.J. might have up his sleeve.