Where Are They Now? Season 4’s Jonathan Farrington

Jonathan Farrington came into his audition in Season 4 with a brilliant swagger and followed it up with an amazing vocal performance.  Jonathan was the first contestant to come to The Shot from outside Canada, having come to audition from the Bahamas.  Here’s what Jonathan had to say about his experience with The Shot and what he’s doing now:


What was your favourite part of The Shot?  What did you take from doing it?  How did The Shot help you grow as an artist?

My favorite part about The Shot was meeting so many amazing artists. It was a great way to get an appreciation of different genres and styles. The Shot helped me to be a more versatile artist experimenting with songs that I would not normally have performed back at home in the Bahamas.


How was The Shot different from any of your other experiences with performing or doing other competitions?

The Shot was different because I saw a genuine concern from the coaches and their entire team to help artists achieve their musical dreams without trying to swindle them.  It was a very real and pure experience.


What advice would you give someone who is thinking about auditioning for Season 6?

I would say do it.  You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain when you enter a competition like this.


What have you been doing since The Shot?

I’m now studying acting at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan, New York.  Acting is another passion of mine and just like music it has the power to touch people on so many levels. I decided to invest in enhancing this skill. I’m still performing when I get free time from school and currently writing new material for futuristic projects.   I’m also writing a screen play and stage play.  I’m also enrolled in the New York Vocal coaching academy where I am studying to obtain my certification in vocal coaching.


Where can people find you or hear your music online?

Through Instagram: lfarrmusic, facebook:jfarrmusic, youtube: Jonthan Farrington and sound cloud:jfarrmusic.