Where Are They Now? Season 5’s Jayde Taylor

Jayde Taylor has a lot to give: from her confident presence to her beautiful vocal to her phenomenal songwriting ability.  Jayde auditioned for the judges in Season 5 and had this to say about her experience and the advice she has for anyone thinking about auditioning for Season 6:

What was your favourite part of The Shot?  What did you take from doing it?  How did The Shot help you grow as an artist?

My favourite part about doing The Shot was the networking.  I loved meeting everyone that was involved and working with them.  Everyone is just so supportive of one another and it’s really great to make those connections with people who must want to see you succeed.

I learned not to be so hard on myself during the process. Things are going to go wrong behind the scenes and on the stage, it’s life and it happens.

The Shot helped me grow in terms of my collaborative skills. We all got to work together and give each other feedback, learn from one another, push each other and that is really what it’s all about.

How was The Shot different from any of your other experiences with performing or doing other competitions?

The Shot was the least competitive competition I have ever taken part in. The whole time we were rooting for everyone. It was never about winning or losing for any of us. We were just there to learn and have fun.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about auditioning for Season 6?

My advice would be … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I still talk to the friends I made [while part of The Shot] and we are always commenting and sharing each other’s material on social media, just because we are excited about everything everyone is doing. I gained a whole network of people I trust and adore and that is honestly a very rare occurrence in this industry, and I have The Shot to thank for that.

What have you been doing since The Shot?

I’ve been recording a new bundle of singles and getting a project ready to be released very soon!

I’ve also been buying music business books and studying that side of the industry.

Where can people find you or hear your music online?

 @itsjaydemusic on all social media.  itsjaydemusic.com to be launched soon